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Breaking barriers in health, wellness and fitness.

The mission of OAA is to generate action in our communities, matching key health experts, education, and scholarships, designed to deliver a positive impact on lifestyle, life quality and life choices, removing one barrier at a time, thus giving each individual power and control over his or her own life. The OAA mission is to become "boots on the ground" educating within the  underserved communities, generating "Our MOVE.ment" of each one reach one, each one teach one (Reset of the Mindset). The target audience for our OAA underprivileged/under-served community members statistical data can be found in the CDC report- by state and/or territory  and ethnicity, at the following:


Jumpstart Your Career Today!

Though our partnership with NASM & AFAA, you can pursue your new career as a personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, nutrition coach or wellness coach....all at a huge discount! Join the MOVE.ment today and help us to change lives- Reach One, Teach One!

Contact Ashley today and mention this posting to get your discount & start your new journey!

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