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Programming & support offered by OAA

At OAA, our commitment extends beyond singular initiatives to a diverse array of programs aimed at fostering growth, empowerment, and positive change within communities. Currently OAA partners with other local organizations to provide educational opportunities targeting youth (Awareness Bound),  sponsors wellness initiatives (Walk-n'-Roll), and we are working toward providing athletic shoes to community members in need (Sole Connections).  Our programming reflects a dedication to holistic development and enrichment highlighting the significance of promoting well-being, knowledge, physical movement, and social connection.

Read more about our individual programs below

The Awareness Bound Health and Wellness Leadership Program, developed by OAA, aims to empower young adults by providing them with essential health and wellness education to take charge of their present and future well-being. OAA is committed to bridging youths with local free and reduced-fee community resources, ensuring access to vital support systems.  We offer an 8-week program that offers 45 minutes of health and  wellness education, with a focus on the 8 dimensions of wellness, coupled with 45 minutes of targeted movement. 

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​The ultimate objective of OAA is to equip each young community leader with valuable resources and knowledge, empowering them to not only prioritize their own health but also to share this wisdom with their families and peers. By doing so, they become advocates for wellness within their communities, embodying the ethos of

"Each one, reach one.   Each one, teach one." 

Our goals:


We need you!

Generous supporters and donors play a crucial role in enabling the participation of our community's youth in transformative health and wellness initiatives, all without imposing costs on schools or families. Donations are directed towards covering expenses related to curriculum development and classroom materials.

With a goal of reaching 1500 students in 2024, and a workbook cost of $10 per student, our material budget alone is $15,000.  

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!

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