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Below you will find a variety of resources ranging from health calculators, meal trackers, diets & more. We are not affiliated with any of the links below. They are merely options for you to consider with regard to your unique personal circumstances, preferences, time commitments and financial elements that often dictate the choices we make. Members of our team have found personal benefit or interest in some of these which is why we pass them along to you. In the end, only YOU know what is best for YOU or what YOU will be able to maintain….we just want to help you start your MOVE.ment!


Do you have a resource to share with us? We’d love to review it and possibly share it with our community MOVE.ment so please, click on the home link to contact us and send that info our way!


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The Basics

Misc. Information

According to the CDC, over 37.3 million Americans of all ages have diabetes with 96 million adult Americans having prediabetes. recently created a guide to diabetes prevention, featuring 5 tips and when to talk to a doctor, along with information about prediabetes. Please feel free to take a look:



Low Carb Breakfast Casserole | Candace Can't Cook

Workouts for the Everyday Person

**Please consult with your doctor before attempting any exercise. Do not do any exercises that cause any discomfort or pain. All exercises are optional. By attempting these exercises, you are assuming liability.**

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