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OAA Awareness Bound

Jr. Health and Wellness Leadership Program 

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OAA's Awareness Bound Jr. Health and Wellness Leadership Program was created to empower young adults to take control of their own current and future health through wellness education by connecting them to available local free and reduced-fee community resources.

Supporters and donors enable our community's young people to participate in life-changing health and wellness programs at no cost to the schools or families. Donations are used to cover the cost of curriculum development, classroom material and volunteer training. 

OAA's goal is to empower each of our young community leaders with valuable resources and information so they not only learn to be the healthiest version of themselves, but also share this information with their family and friends. This will empower them to be the healthiest versions of themselves while becoming a wellness leader in their own communities. We believe in the saying "Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Until all are taught"- Mark Victor Hansen.

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Beginning in summer of 2023, OAA's Awareness Bound programing will be piloting our health and wellness program hand-in-hand with College For Kids through Aims Community College. OAA will immerse the College for Kids Leadership participants with local community resources as well as health and wellness knowledge once a month.

*Please consider A generous one time contribution or a monthly reoccurring donation to fuel this amazing program. Donations are 100% tax deductible!

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Community Outreach


We love to educate classes, students, and business professionals about health and wellness. Staff is currently speaking and educating in the Northern Colorado area. Interested? Email or click/touch the picture to connect with us today!

1003 students/adults have been reached through classes...and counting!

96% surveyed recommend this class!

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Fit Women

Support our MOVE.ment

Taking the first steps to a healthy new you are HUGE! It involves your mind, body, and spirit- working in unison, fueling & nourishing each other as you transform into a beautiful new version of yourself! Nothing says you can't look AH-MAZING while you are on that journey! Be sure to check out the OAA online store & let the world know about your MOVE.ment today!

All proceeds go directly to the OAA MOVE.ment. 

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